I have taken the somewhat scenic route in life to creating a formal art practice and sharing my visual art with the world. Most people know me as a musician and recording artist, but visual art has been one of my truest loves for as long as I've been making music: as far back as I can remember.

In the times of greatest suffering and pain in my life, and in the peaceful times, nature, art and music have always been my most profound sources of joy, bliss and soul medicine.


I really enjoy working with a wide range of media, but my greatest love affair so far has been with watercolours, vibrant ones particularly.

Aside from the richness of the colours, I really love the unpredictable and mesmerising movement of the pigmented water as it shifts and flows across the surface of the paper; different colours merging gracefully into one another and forming new expressions of their own as they blend.


I've noticed in both my music and visual art, all my life there are certain recurring themes and elements. One of the most predominant seems to be the exploration and representation of Nature and, in particular, ourselves as a part of Nature.

I'm endlessly fascinated by our human-ness, by consciousness, by the Universe and by the patterns of connection there appears to be between everything, both seen and unseen, subtle and dynamic, and I love exploring all of this through my artwork, as well as through songwriting.


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