Field Sunset

New Single

"Wherever You Wander"



"Wherever You Wander" - Out Nov 28



Meet Lara-Jane Stewart, Australian singer-songwriter and artist.

Immersed in the creative and performing arts since childhood, Lara-Jane also trained formally in counselling, natural therapies, and energetic healing, following her parallel calling toward the healing arts; always one foot in the physical, one in the metaphysical and one head well and truly in the clouds.

Endlessly fascinated by nature, our human-ness, the Universe, consciousness, and the patterns of connection between everything, Lara-Jane's passion is exploring all of this through her artwork, songwriting and more.

Her greatest prayer for the work she does in the world - for the music and the artwork that she creates - is that it may serve to help us sense more deeply the vast Oneness we all share; that we might continue to grow more compassionate toward ourselves, each other, and all of creation as we know it.



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